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Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Machines

View the range of commercial and industrial cleaning machines for sale at Capital Equipment Hire. Achieve an outstanding level of cleanliness and operation efficiency at your facility. Unsure where to start? Speak to our friendly Sales Team to book a site inspection and no-obligation demonstration! You may also like to view our second-hand and hire equipment fleet.

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Tennant T291 Battery Small Size Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer
12,541.10 12,541.10 12541.1 AUD

11,401.00 11,401.00 Ex. GST

Tennant T391 Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer
15,367.00 15,367.00 15367.0 AUD

13,970.00 13,970.00 Ex. GST

HS2021 Jumbo Electric Hot Water Pressure Washer
10,219.00 10,219.00 10219.0 AUD

9,290.00 9,290.00 Ex. GST

500mm Surface Cleaner
940.50 940.50 940.5 AUD

855.00 855.00 Ex. GST

EI3021CW Electric Pressure Washer
7,535.00 7,535.00 7535.0 AUD

6,850.00 6,850.00 Ex. GST

Available for Hire
i-mop Lite with Battery & Charger
6,479.00 6,479.00 6479.0 AUD

5,890.00 5,890.00 Ex. GST

i-mop XXL Pro Floor Scrubber
8,349.00 8,349.00 8349.0 AUD

7,590.00 7,590.00 Ex. GST

Available for Hire
Nilfisk Viper Series AS1050R Ride On Scrubber Dryer
24,222.00 24,222.00 24222.0 AUD

22,020.00 22,020.00 Ex. GST

MH 4M 100/720 FA
8,684.50 8,684.50 8684.5 AUD

7,895.00 7,895.00 Ex. GST

Viper AS380B Battery Compact Scrubber Dryer
4,713.50 4,713.50 4713.5 AUD

4,285.00 4,285.00 Ex. GST

Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Machines

Shop the best commercial and industrial cleaning machine brands at Capital Equipment Hire! View our online catalogue including floor scrubbers, floor sweepers, combo sweeper-scrubbers, vacuum cleaners, carpet extractors and pressure washers. Enquire directly online, buy online or visit our showroom for more sales assistance.

Cleaning machinery broadly covers any equipment designed to complete a certain cleaning function with higher power and capacity than manual labour. Replacement parts for a cleaning machine help maintain the performance of the equipment by ensuring all the components are working effectively. Domestic, commercial or industrial cleaning machines can be categorised as the following:

  • Floor Scrubbers: machines designed to clean most hard and soft floors through mechanical scrubbing, water application and effective drying of floors.

  • Floor Sweepers: machines designed to pick up dry debris indoors or outdoors through a mechanical sweeping motion with dust retention, loading debris into a hopper.

  • Combo Machines: combine the floor scrubber component and the sweeping component in one machine to sweep and scrub in one pass.

  • Vacuum Cleaners: suction-based machine to remove dirt and dust from a range of surfaces, not just floors.

  • Carpet Extractors: specifically designed to clean stains and dirt from carpet fibres.
    Pressure Washers: water blasting machines (240v, 3 phase, petrol or diesel powered) designed to remove hard dirt and stains from a range of surfaces using water pressure (either hot or cold water).

Cleaning Solutions That Last - So You Can Focus On Your Core Business

Capital Equipment Hire stocks only the highest quality equipment available because we believe in their reliability, performance and value for money. Cheaper alternatives ultimately need replacing sooner and result in increased life cycle investment, costing customers more; to ensure long-term cleaning success the best is only stocked at Capital Equipment. 

Capital Equipment’s fleet is sourced through an extensive supplier network including Tennant Company, Nilfisk, Fimap, Kerrick and i-team to ensure clients have a massive fleet of options to customise and pair together, an advantage unique only to cleaning dealers. A rock-solid cleaning plan means more time to focus on core business!