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Vacuums Cleaners

View the range of vacuum cleaners for sale at Capital Equipment Hire. Achieve outstanding cleanliness in your facility. Unsure where to start? View our helpful Vacuum Cleaners FAQ page or speak to our friendly Sales Team to book a site inspection!

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KVAC10L Wet & Dry Vacuum
671.00 671.00 671.0 AUD

610.00 610.00 Ex. GST

KVAC27PE Wet & Dry Vacuum
1,006.50 1,006.50 1006.5 AUD

915.00 915.00 Ex. GST

KVAC59PE Twin-Motor Wet & Dry Pump-Out Vacuum 90L
3,822.50 3,822.50 3822.5 AUD

3,475.00 3,475.00 Ex. GST

KVAC59PE 2 Motor Wet & Dry Vacuum 90L
1,886.50 1,886.50 1886.5 AUD

1,715.00 1,715.00 Ex. GST

Attix 761-21XC Industrial Vacuum with Accessories
3,327.50 3,327.50 3327.5 AUD

3,025.00 3,025.00 Ex. GST

Kerrick KVAC60PE 3 Motor Wet & Dry Vacuum
2,486.00 2,486.00 2486.0 AUD

2,260.00 2,260.00 Ex. GST

Kerrick SkyVac - Industrial 85 Wet & Dry Gutter Vacuum
7,507.50 7,507.50 7507.5 AUD

6,825.00 6,825.00 Ex. GST

Kerrick VH Jumbo Triple Motor Wet & Dry Vacuum
4,240.50 4,240.50 4240.5 AUD

3,855.00 3,855.00 Ex. GST

i-move 2.5B Backpack Vacuum
1,428.90 1,428.90 1428.9 AUD

1,299.00 1,299.00 Ex. GST

Complete Set
Co-Botic 1700
1,771.00 1,771.00 1771.0 AUD

1,610.00 1,610.00 Ex. GST

vac 5 Mini Barrel Vacuum 5L
416.90 416.90 416.90000000000003 AUD

379.00 379.00 Ex. GST

vac 6 Barrel Vacuum
489.50 489.50 489.5 AUD

445.00 445.00 Ex. GST

vac 30UR Upright Vacuum Cleaner
918.50 918.50 918.5 AUD

835.00 835.00 Ex. GST

vac 9B Commercial Vacuum
797.50 797.50 797.5 AUD

725.00 725.00 Ex. GST

vac 5B Commercial Vacuum 5L
616.00 616.00 616.0 AUD

560.00 560.00 Ex. GST

906 0605 010
Nilfisk GD5 240V Backpack Vacuum 5L
478.50 478.50 478.5 AUD

435.00 435.00 Ex. GST

Bulk Buys Available
906 0903 010
VP300 Eco Commercial Vacuum
390.50 390.50 390.5 AUD

355.00 355.00 Ex. GST

Bulk Buys Available
VP300 HEPA Commercial Vacuum
460.90 460.90 460.90000000000003 AUD

419.00 419.00 Ex. GST

Nilfisk VP600 Vacuum
709.50 709.50 709.5 AUD

645.00 645.00 Ex. GST

Nilfisk GD5B 36V Battery Powered Backpack Vacuum 5L
1,771.00 1,771.00 1771.0 AUD

1,610.00 1,610.00 Ex. GST

Buy Commercial and Industrial Vacuums from Capital Equipment Hire

From corporate offices to industrial processing facilities, vacuum cleaners are one of the most demanded cleaning equipment categories across the market. Depending on the use, there are a range of domestic, commercial and industrial vacuums available to clean dust-prone floors and surfaces including carpet, upholstery furniture, tops of cupboards, vehicle interiors, workbenches and more.

Capital Equipment Hire specialises in commercial and industrial applications, where each application type has varying needs to ensure effective cleaning. Commercial users need to buy a vacuum that has a long run-time (for battery power) or flexible chord options (rewindable or detachable) to ensure high manoeuvrability around furniture and other objects. Industrial users have a larger need for filtration choices, such as standard, HEPA or ULPA options to ensure finer dusts, and potentially hazardous dusts are collected properly. Tank capacity is also key for high dust-volume facilities, such as a manufacturing facility.

Both commercial and industrial vacuums require easy and safe disposal of waste. Disposal dust bags, reusable dust bags, and fleece bags are some of the options available for customers to choose from. Longopac bags are great for hazardous dust disposal, as they can be sealed and removed from the bottom of the vacuum. Safety dust bags can also be a way of reducing the risk of becoming in contact with the waste during disposal. 

One major benefit of any vacuum cleaner for sale is the optional accessories that can be used to customise the unit.

Commercial & Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Wet or dry vacuum cleaners are the cornerstone of any cleaning practice taken out on a domestic, commercial or industrial level. With many available options to customise your vacuum cleaner floor tools, filter type, dust bags and more, there is an option suited to any cleaner and application. 

Our Vacuum Range

Upright | Backpack | Battery | Electric | H-Class | Wet or Dry...and more

We stock vacuums from a range of reputable suppliers including Nilfisk, Kerrick and Tennant. Genuine and non-genuine parts are also stocked in our inventory holdings to ensure customers receive fast replacement of consumables and other parts.

Vacuums for Contract Cleaners

Vacuums for Tradespeople & Construction

Vacuums for Small Business Upkeep

Vacuum by Andrejs Kirma from
Commercial Vacuum

Whether your needs are contract cleaning, general cleaning and maintenance, or wet and dry.

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Vacuum by Nick Green from
Industrial Vacuum

No matter how tough, how specialised, and how unforgiving the application. We have the solution for you.

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When it comes to properly cleaning a build site, factory, manufacturing facility or processing plant, having an industrial vacuum cleaner is essential to getting the job done efficiently. Whether you need to clean up dirt, dust, food, liquid, plastic and even hazardous waste, the right industrial vacuum cleaner will not only clean thoroughly but also keep your staff and visitors healthy and safe.

As one of Australia's leading suppliers of high-performance vacuums, sweepers, floor scrubbers and pressure washers, Capital Equipment Hire can be relied on for the best industrial vacuum cleaners for your specific needs. Browse our range of industrial vacuum cleaners online today.

With a wide range of vacuum cleaners from some of the world's top brands including Nilfisk and Kerrick, we stock some of the best industrial vacuum cleaners in Australia. When it comes to keeping your worksite or chemical plant clean and compliant, we have various industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaners that will do the trick. For those who are looking for a vacuum cleaner that can pick up metal chips, scraps, harmful dust and other potentially dangerous materials, opt for an industrial vacuum cleaner from our range.

Many models are available to be customised with a M class or H class HEPA filter to meet your specific requirements. And if you're after a vacuum that can do a bit of everything, most of our industrial vacuum cleaners come with different nozzles, hoses and various accessories - so you can get into every crack and crevice.

Just like the rest of our cleaning equipment, we offer our customers the option to hire our industrial and commercial vacuum cleaners. Whether you need other equipment for one day, a couple of months or even a few years, you can hire high-quality cleaning equipment from Capital Equipment for any industry, area size or surface type. If you're unsure about the right cleaning equipment solution for you, our Hire Team will be happy to help.

Get the perfect industrial vacuum cleaner from Capital Equipment Hire

No matter your industry or cleaning requirements, you can be sure that Capital Equipment has the right industrial vacuum cleaner to help you keep your workplace or worksite clean and compliant. Browse our range online today or get in touch with our team for more information about our vacuum cleaners or any other cleaning equipment. We look forward to hearing from yo u. Shop Used.

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Capital Equipment has been providing to the Australian market professional cleaning equipment solutions since 2004, continuing to expand their product range and genuine spare parts inventory. Our sales team will be able to assist with any queries you have and provide recommendations based on your unique application needs. Get in touch at or fill our enquiry form below.