Sweeper For Hire

Capital Equipment Hire offers various sweeper hire units to suit the needs of companies both large and small. Flexible short-term & long-term options are available for walk-behind & ride-on sweepers.

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Walk-Behind Sweeper Hire

For smaller commercial premises with lighter debris such as dust, dirt and paper, a walk-behind sweeper is a suitable match, helping reach areas with restricted access and spots where it may be hard to manoeuvre a larger machine.

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Ride-On Sweeper Hire

A popular option for large industrial premises with significant debris output such as sand, leaves, shavings and pieces of plastic/wrappings, ride-on sweepers are specifically designed to minimise operator fatigue & maximise efficiency.

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Outdoor & Indoor Sweeper Solutions

The type and level of debris vary depend on the facility itself, and whether its an indoor or outdoor area. Capital Equipment Hire's fleet covers our customers' unique situations and can provide both indoor & outdoor sweeping solutions.

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Hire Sweeper Fleet

Floor Sweeper for Rent

Hire a suitable sweeper for your specific needs

Capital Equipment Hire holds an extensive walk-behind and ride-on sweeper range to handle any industrial or commercial sweeping needs of our clients. We help recommend the right model for the right job, every time.

Casual Sweeper Hire in Australia

For as short as a single day, our casual or short-term sweeper hire contracts are cost-effective and convenient solutions. With state-wide equipment delivery and collection options, we take extra logistical admin off your plate.

Long-Term Sweeper Hire Contracts

If you're looking for long-term floor sweeper hire, we offer hire agreements up to 5 years at competitive rates designed to provide a cost-effective solution for companies that wish to reduce capital purchases.

Expert-Operated Sweeper For Hire

If you are unable to find cleaning operators in your area or need a floor sweeper for a one-off project, Capital Equipment can provide fully operated walk-behind and ride-on sweepers for hire when our staff is available.

Clear dirt, dust and debris from almost every floor surface with Capital Equipment Hire’s range of floor sweepers. Offering a broad choice of sweepers for hire including the reliable Nilfisk SR1601 and heavy-duty Nilfisk SW8000, our professional standard cleaning machines are ideal for cleaning commercial or industrial floors.


From small, walk-behind sweepers to large industrial ride-on sweepers, our extensive choice of professional floor sweeper hire solutions means we have a machine to suit any and every job. At Capital Equipment Hire, we offer floor sweeper hire nationwide across Australia at great value prices. Our price match guarantee ensures you get the most competitive price every time.

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Industrial sweepers for small or large scale construction sites to collect common debris including dust, wooden shavings & plastic pieces. 

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Sport Parks & Playgrounds

To maintain outdoor venues prone to debris including leaves, bark & sand. Our sweeper hire machines are an essential tool for facility upkeep.

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Nurseries & Garden Centres

Keep your facility tidy for customers with a non-disruptive walk-behind manual or battery powered sweeper. Seasonal hire agreements are available.

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Sheds & Warehouses

Our sweepers hire are designed for anyone to be able to operate the equipment easily, including areas of
10,000 sqm & above.


Service & Repairs

All hire machine maintenance is managed by Capital Equipment Hire's Technician Team to ensure maximum cleaning performance of every hire. All equipment is cleaned, tested and checked giving customers the confidence the equipment will operate as expected for each clean.

For long-term hire rentals, each customer is automatically upgraded to the Platinum Service Plan giving them access to the highest level of repair and maintenance support over the term. Visit our service page for more information.

Hire a floor sweeper today

If you'd like to find out more about our sweeper hire services or are interested in purchasing a sweeper for yourself, please call get in touch. We also hire out various other cleaning machines, such as floor scrubbers or combination sweeper/scrubbers.

Talk to one of our experts today and find out how we can meet your sweeper hire needs at a price you'll appreciate.

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