Sweeper-Scrubber Hire

Hire cleaning equipment that will sweep, scrub & dry your industrial areas all at once. Capital Equipment Hire's combination sweeper/scrubbers are fast, efficient, powerful & relatively easy to use. Short & long-term hire agreements available.

Hire Combination Sweeper Scrubber Fleet

Scrubber Sweeper Hire On Your Terms

To ensure that our customers receive solutions that are customised for their requirements, we offer both casual and long-term hire agreements. Whether for just one day or for 5 years, you can hire a scrubber or sweeper at an economical rate from Capital Equipment Hire.

Combination Sweeper-Scrubber Units

The heaviest-duty cleaning equipment on the market, combination sweeper-scrubber units are mechanically designed as a sweeping machine at the front & scrubber at the rear to sweep, scrub & dry in one pass. Generally for 2,000 sqm areas + .

Ride-On Scrubber-Sweeper Units

Suitable for large industrial spaces with a moderate amount of debris, scrubber-sweepers are designed for heavy-duty scrubbing with a supporting sweeping mechanism. Scrubber sweeper options for areas as small as 1 sqm to over 10,000 sqm. 

Flexible Short & Long-Term Hires

Cleaning solutions on a need-only basis. Customise your hire period to as short as a single day or up to 5 years depending on your needs or your customers' needs. We can easily extend or reduce your rental time during a hire if your needs change.

Carpark with tyre marks

Whether it is an indoor or outdoor carpark complex, our combo sweeper scrubbers offer the perfect facility maintenance solution to maintain commercial premises in efficient time.

Image of Nilfisk CS7010 cleaning public restaurant precinct
Outdoor Venues

Ranging from sport stadiums, restaurant precincts, shopping centres or education facilities, scrubber sweeper units can upkeep public areas effectively & hygienically. 

Dirty Construction Site with Workers. Scrubber Sweeper Service.

Scrubber sweepers are the complete construction cleaning equipment solution to manage any stain, spill, dust, sand or wood debris found on worksites.

Large-scale warehouse Storage Facility

For warehouses that attract large amounts of dirt embedded into the flooring, & debris on the surface, sweeper scrubber hire allows for routine clean-ups when required.

Capital Equipment Hire Combination Sweeper/Scrubber Hire Unit
Access to Full Maintenance Support

Long-term hire rates can include all the maintenance & technical support needed through different Service Level Agreements.

Image of CS7010 Combination Sweeper-Scrubber Scrub Brushes
Use & Care Workshops

Get the most out of your equipment by taking part in our Use & Care workshops to learn basic machine runnings, troubleshoots & maintenance tips. 

Image of 3 Nilfisk CS7010 Sweeper Scrubbers outside Capital Equipment's Wetherill Park Workshop
Hire Before You Buy

Cleaning equipment can be a significant investment, hire before you buy allows you to make the most informed purchase decision.

Operator Workshops & Trained Operators

Help your operators get the most out of their Rental Equipment through our Use & Care Workshops

Your cleaning operators can take full advantage of the benefits a modern sweeper/scrubbers have to offer through our Use & Care workshops offered. We schedule a day with your team to run through the basic operator functions,  maintenance  procedures and basic troubleshoot steps to ensure the most productive clean possible.

There are also instances where we can offer sweeper scrubber rental deals that include a fully trained and experienced operator. If you are preparing your premises for a special occasion, clearing up after the last one or need long-term frequent cleaning, our expert-operated scrubber sweeper hire packages are a great option. Contact our office to enquire.

Rental Service Support

Maintenance & repairs are on us. Save money & time through our customised Service Plan

When you hire a long-term combo scrubber sweeper from Capital Equipment, customers are automatically assigned to the Platinum Service Plan, the highest level of support available to clients. In the event your machine needs a repair or routine service, our Field Service Technicians can be called onsite for prompt assistance or a replacement machine can be provided. This ensures peace of mind for the client that all repairs and services are handled by the experts.

Meeting all your Scrubber Sweeper Hire needs in Australia

In addition to our scrubber sweeper hire service, we also hire out dedicated sweepers and/or dedicated scrubber dryers across Australia. For smaller, more compact machines that are designed to perform single functions, we recommend checking these separate models out.

To request advice or a competitive quote for sweeper scrubber rental or to hire our other professional cleaning equipment, please don't hesitate to call or message us. We'll be happy to help you find the best model for your needs and provide you with a detail proposal.

Fill out our enquiry form below, or alternatively email hire@capitalequipment.com.au.