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i-team Cleaning Equipment | Buy Spare Parts

Capital Equipment Hire are cleaning partners with the much-demanded i-team ANZ supplier! Creators of the i-mop, i-scrub and much more, browse their dedicated online catalogue to pick the cleaning machine right for you!

When you think i-team, think innovation. Originally established in the Netherlands as i-team Global, i-team ANZ supplies to the Australian market quality cleaning equipment that addresses a variety of niche cleaning needs for domestic and commercial clients. i-team takes traditional cleaning problems and spin them on their head with revolutionary solutions unique to their brand.

i-team have developed cleaning equipment solutions inspired by the unique challenges faced in different industries to supply relevant and meaningful options to clients. From hospitality to retail to healthcare, a customised portfolio of cleaning products have been made to suit their needs.

Capital Equipment Hire and i-team closely work together to determine which cleaning machines are most suitable to our client-base to ensure complete satisfaction every time. There are over 30 cleaning equipment solutions available and hundreds of replacement/consumable items ready to keep your product working at its full potential.

Putting cleaning aside for a second, i-team also has their own social responsibility partnership with Made Blue that aims to donate clean drinking water to less fortunate communities around the world. The way they approach this is for every litre consumed by an i-mop in operation, Made Blue and i-team aim to supply the same amount in drinking water through constructing new wells! So far Made Blue has realised over 10 billion litres of clean water in developing countries.

i-team is well known in the cleaning industry for their innovative products that are hard to find from competing suppliers. Below we list their most popular cleaning equipment products sold by Capital Equipment Hire:

  • Co-botic 1700 vacuum: battery-operated robotic vacuum controlled by a remote or cloud-based application; 400ml capacity. Program your unit and let it do the rest!

  • i-mop scrubber: a commercial mop machine that is battery operated and comes in 7 customisable variants! Having the agility of a traditional mop but the cleaning power of a commercial scrubber, i-mop has taken the retail and hospitality industry by storm due to its impressive performance.
    The i-mop can customise its cleaning path (Lite, XL and XXL), its control system and its scrubbing/power accessories.

  • i-scrub 21B: handheld and wand configurable mini scrubber suitable for bathroom cleaning and other narrow areas. I-scrub is battery operated and also comes with a variety of brush and pad accessories.

  • i-scrub 30EM Pro: 240V powered orbital scrubbing machine designed for spot cleaning and cleaning of heavily soiled areas. I-scrub 30 is very popular for tile cleaning in domestic applications and commercial applications.

  • i-fibre floor cleaning kit: the perfect starter kit for home or for contract cleaners! i-fibre kit comes complete with a general mop pad, eHandle and mop frame to clean your floors quickly and simply. 40cm mop pads.

  • i-air purifier: HEPA 14 grade air purifying machine that neutralises and kills microbes and other pathogens/contaminants. Reduces >99.9% of viruses, mould and bacteria.

When buying an i-team product, you never need to doubt the quality or performance from their range. Easily buy your preferred product online or request a formal quotation from our sales team. On-site demonstrations can be arranged if you would like to try before you buy! Free shipping is available for orders over $200, with servicing available for any machine repairs or check-ups.

Are you ready to experience the convenience and power of the i-team cleaning machine range? Shop online today or contact our team for an on-site demonstration!

Our sales department can be reached on 1300 799 312 or

i-scrub 26H Surface Cleaning Kit
138.38 138.38 138.38 AUD

125.80 125.80 Ex. GST

Available for Hire
i-scrub 21B
1,097.80 1,097.80 1097.8 AUD

998.00 998.00 Ex. GST

Available for Hire
i-scrub 30EM Pro 240V Orbital Scrubber
1,606.00 1,606.00 1606.0 AUD

1,460.00 1,460.00 Ex. GST

Available for Hire
i-mop Lite with Battery & Charger
6,479.00 6,479.00 6479.0 AUD

5,890.00 5,890.00 Ex. GST

Available for Hire
i-mop XL Basic Floor Scrubber
6,149.00 6,149.00 6149.0 AUD

5,590.00 5,590.00 Ex. GST

i-mop XL Plus Floor Scrubber
6,699.00 6,699.00 6699.0 AUD

6,090.00 6,090.00 Ex. GST

i-mop XL Pro Floor Scrubber
7,579.00 7,579.00 7579.0 AUD

6,890.00 6,890.00 Ex. GST

i-mop XXL Basic Floor Scrubber
7,689.00 7,689.00 7689.0 AUD

6,990.00 6,990.00 Ex. GST

i-mop XXL Plus Floor Scrubber
7,909.00 7,909.00 7909.0 AUD

7,190.00 7,190.00 Ex. GST

i-drive & i-mop Lite Scrubber Package
24,739.00 24,739.00 24739.0 AUD

22,490.00 22,490.00 Ex. GST

vac 5 Mini Barrel Vacuum
416.90 416.90 416.90000000000003 AUD

379.00 379.00 Ex. GST

vac 5B Commercial Vacuum
616.00 616.00 616.0 AUD

560.00 560.00 Ex. GST

vac 6 Barrel Vacuum
489.50 489.50 489.5 AUD

445.00 445.00 Ex. GST

vac 9B Commercial Vacuum
797.50 797.50 797.5 AUD

725.00 725.00 Ex. GST

vac 30UR Upright Vacuum
918.50 918.50 918.5 AUD

835.00 835.00 Ex. GST

6,567.00 6,567.00 6567.0 AUD

5,970.00 5,970.00 Ex. GST

i-land series
1,353.00 1,353.00 1353.0 AUD

1,230.00 1,230.00 Ex. GST

i-Dose Solution Tank (XL/XXL)
94.71 94.71 94.71000000000001 AUD

86.10 86.10 Ex. GST

i-mop XL Scrub Bracket
294.80 294.80 294.8 AUD

268.00 268.00 Ex. GST

i-dose Cleaning Pods (120pcs)
109.45 109.45 109.45 AUD

99.50 99.50 Ex. GST