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AS1050R Ride On Scrubber Dryer
22,522.50 22,522.50 22522.5 AUD

20,475.00 20,475.00 Ex. GST

Viper 36V battery ride-on scrubbing machine complete with batteries, charger, 2x 508mm polypropylene brushes, pad holders & tray debris kit.
Viper AS510B Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer
5,775.00 5,775.00 5775.0 AUD

5,250.00 5,250.00 Ex. GST

Viper AS510B Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer complete with batteries and on-board charger.
AS530R Scrubber Dryer
8,525.00 8,525.00 8525.0 AUD

7,750.00 7,750.00 Ex. GST

Viper AS530R ride-on scrubber-dryer complete with batteries, on-board charger, warning beacon, scrub brush and squeegee blades
Viper AS5160T Scrubber Dryer
8,085.00 8,085.00 8085.0 AUD

7,350.00 7,350.00 Ex. GST

Viper AS5160T Scrubber Dryer complete with batteries, on-board charger and scrub brush.
Viper AS380B Battery Compact Scrubber Dryer
4,394.50 4,394.50 4394.5 AUD

3,995.00 3,995.00 Ex. GST

Viper AS380B Battery Compact Scrubber Dryer complete with batery and on-board charger
Viper AS380C Electric Compact Scrubber Dryer
3,465.00 3,465.00 3465.0 AUD

3,150.00 3,150.00 Ex. GST

Viper AS380 micro scrubber dryer complete with prolene brush and squeegee kit.
ROS1300 Ride-On Battery Powered Sweeper
21,989.00 21,989.00 21989.0 AUD

19,990.00 19,990.00 Ex. GST

Viper 24V ride-on sweeping machine complete with dual side brooms, polyester filter kit, flashing strobe light, battery, charger and water misting kit for side brooms.