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For Sale Cleaning Machinery & Replacement Parts

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i-scrub 26H Surface Cleaning Kit
128.15 128.15 128.15 AUD

116.50 116.50 Ex. GST

i-scrub 26H hand-held surface cleaning kit with UV light for dirt detection. Complete with charger and 1x 30cm Microfibre General Cleaning Mop Pad.
i-mop Kit Assy Float Ball Complete Yellow
51.92 51.92 51.92 AUD

47.20 47.20 Ex. GST

i-mop Vacuum Motor
302.50 302.50 302.5 AUD

275.00 275.00 Ex. GST

i-team genuine replacement vacuum motor part. Item is model specific.
Recovery Tank
272.80 272.80 272.8 AUD

248.00 248.00 Ex. GST

i-team genuine replacement recovery tank for i-mop XL floor scrubbers. Used for collecting dirty water from floors during clean-up. Easy screw-on cap for water disposal and rinsing.
i-Dose Solution Tank
87.34 87.34 87.34 AUD

79.40 79.40 Ex. GST

i-dose solution tank cleaning pod system upgrade for i-mop XL, complete with i-dose injector & cleaning pod holder*.
i-mop XL Natural Hair Brush Blue (Set of 2)
273.46 273.46 273.46 AUD

248.60 248.60 Ex. GST

i-team genuine natural fibre replacement scrub brushes.
Natural fibre scrub brushes have very fine bristles to reduce friction on certain floor types such as timbre or rubber.

Contact our team for more information. Item is model specific.
i-Store XL Steel Cabinet
1,474.00 1,474.00 1474.0 AUD

1,340.00 1,340.00 Ex. GST

Standalone steel i-team cabinet to store i-mop XL/XXL related equipment and accessories. Complete with power supply board, brush/pad holder mounts and shelving. Heavy-duty cabinet.
Solenoid Valve (Assy Magetic)
130.46 130.46 130.46 AUD

118.60 118.60 Ex. GST

i-mop Dirt Compartment Seal
27.94 27.94 27.94 AUD

25.40 25.40 Ex. GST

Clean Watertank Complete - XL
208.56 208.56 208.56 AUD

189.60 189.60 Ex. GST

i-team genuine replacement solution tank for i-mop XL floor scrubbers. Fill this tank with water and cleaning chemical to allow the machine to wet scrub. Easy screw-on lid for filling purposes.

If floors need drying faster, it is recommended to fill the clean tank with warm water to assist in the drying process.
i-mop XL Squeegee Rear Rubber (Primothane)
i-team genuine Primothane rear squeegee rubber replacement.
i-mop XL Squeegee Rubber Front Primothane
74.36 74.36 74.36 AUD

67.60 67.60 Ex. GST

i-mop XL Scrub Bracket
240.02 240.02 240.02 AUD

218.20 218.20 Ex. GST

i-mop XL Scrub Bracket, attachable to i-mop XL for double-scrubbing functionality. Allows to lift the squeegee for no water pick-up, and to lower it again for water collection. Enables chemical to rest on floor surfaces for longer.
i-mop XL Squeegee Front Rubber Red (Linatex)
52.36 52.36 52.36 AUD

47.60 47.60 Ex. GST

i-team genuine Linatex Front Squeegee Rubber replacement.
Air Filter, Yellow
37.66 37.66 37.660000000000004 AUD

34.24 34.24 Ex. GST

Squeegee Castor Wheel
17.93 17.93 17.93 AUD

16.30 16.30 Ex. GST

i-mop XL Squeegee Rear Rubber Red (Linatex)
57.42 57.42 57.42 AUD

52.20 52.20 Ex. GST

i-team genuine replacement Linatex squeegee rear rubber red.
Blue Medium Brush - i-Scrub 30EM
41.80 41.80 41.800000000000004 AUD

38.00 38.00 Ex. GST

Ideal for cleaning all types of hard floors (tile and grout)
Soft Black Carpet Brush (0.25mmPP) - i-Scrub 30EM
43.56 43.56 43.56 AUD

39.60 39.60 Ex. GST

To suit i-scrub 30EM Pro. Ideal for cleaning all types of hard floors (tile and grout).
Microfibre Bonnet Pad - i-Scrub 30EM
41.36 41.36 41.36 AUD

37.60 37.60 Ex. GST

Ideal for deep encap carpet cleaning.