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Floor Sweepers

From a compact walk-behind floor sweeper to more intensive industrial ride-on sweepers, there is a solution for every application.

Choosing a Floor Sweeper

Sweeping machines are designed to clean areas with high debris densities including dust, sand, plastic, dirt, leaves and much more by vacuuming waste into a hopper through a mechanical broom. From a safety perspective, a specialised floor sweeper even has capacity to contain the most dangerous dusts including silica through in-built HEPA filter technology.
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  Area Size?

Consider your floor area in square meters. This helps determine whether a compact commercial walk-behind sweeper or large industrial sweeper will be effective. 

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  Debris Level?

If the requirement involves collecting large bulky debris, ensure the sweeper has industrial capacity. For light dust and debris most sweepers will meet the criteria. See our commercial floor sweepers and industrial floor sweepers for sale in our  shop!

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  Power Type?

For daily indoor or undercover sweeping, we strongly recommend battery power. Outdoor industrial tasks? We suggest LPG or diesel.

SW750 Battery Sweeper on asphalt
Outdoor Recreation

Walk-behind floor sweepers can effectively maintain asphalt, concrete or pavement surfaces including playgrounds & outdoor gyms.

SW8000 Sweeper in Construction Site
Construction Sites

Facilities where hazardous dusts are prone to occur, industrial ride-on sweepers can protect workers and prevent dust circulation.

SR1601 Floor Sweeper in Warehouse
Industrial Warehouses

Where an easy dust-collection solution is needed to allow any floor staff to effectively maintain a warehouse on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

SR1601 Industrial Sweeper in Logistics Facility
Logistic Depots

Floor sweepers can help clean up various debris types that arise from day-to-day operations including dirt, plastic, leaves and cardboard.


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There is an industrial floor sweeper or a range of commercial floor sweepers to suit your needs. View the range from manufacturers including Nilfisk, Tennant, Fimap and Viper.

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  • Operating since 2004, Capital Equipment Hire is a family owned company and Australia's #1 choice for commercial and industrial floor cleaning solutions.

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