Clean is changing. What it means for your business
Prepare yourself for the future of clean & what it means for your business.
29 September, 2021 by
Clean is changing. What it means for your business
Capital Equipment Hire, Emma Dimech

The need for smarter floorcare has never been greater

There is no denying a change in attitude towards cleaning and what it means for businesses moving forward in a post-pandemic world. A new awareness has emerged around cleaning as a preventative safety measure, that is relevant for all businesses ranging from small sole traders to large national corporations. Clean is changing in its purpose (why it’s done), its process (how it’s done), its scale (the extent to which it’s done) and it’s perception (functional and psychological viewpoints).

How has cleaning changed in a functional & psychological way?

Functional >

what cleaning achieves from a preventative and maintenance standpoint through the application of cleaning equipment and processes. This focuses around the literal level of cleanliness a facility achieves, usually against a certain benchmark for quality checking. COVID-19 has meant deep cleaning is a significantly more common process part of facility upkeep to meet more rigorous cleaning standards across many industries.

Psychological >

as mentioned before, cleaning has taken on a more focused role in representing a safe environment in the minds of customers and staff, where COVID-19 has a lesser influence of spreading. This change in attitude and increased relation between cleaning and safety can form greater trust in a business, if cleaning takes on a more prominent role in a company’s safety plan.

Four Dimensions of Cleaning

COVID-19 has really enabled companies like us and our partners to breakdown cleaning as having 4 key elements to consider:

Transparent & Visible Cleaning  

The ‘wow’ factor that comes from a space being visually well cleaned.

Sustainable Cleaning  

Efficient use of cleaning resources including water & detergent for reduced waste.

Technology Focused Cleaning  

Combining tech such as robotics in professional-grade equipment.

New Scope of Cleaning  

Change of cleaning mindset by businesses, staff & customers due to the pandemic.  

The impact is obvious

What cleaning now means on a functional and psychological level is prominent across many key industries, by observing how COVID-19 has affected their cleaning practices:

Changes in cleaning by industry overview

Table sourced from Nilfisk Australia Clean is Changing article.

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What does this all mean for my business?

Whether you are a contract cleaner or work directly for a company in an operational or maintenance role, cleaning needs to take on a new level of relevance and impact to remain competitive, compliant and current. You can find some practical suggestions in how to manage these changes in our upcoming cleaning plan article but in the meantime, consider the following points:

  • How well have you adjusted your cleaning to a post-pandemic world?

  • Where does your current cleaning process lack efficiency, productivity and performance? 

  • In what ways does your cleaning reinforce your business goals on a functional and psychological level? What aspects of cleaning are most important in your business context?

Need some help deciding? We're here to help.

If you are struggling answering any of these questions, Capital Equipment Hire can help navigate through various cleaning solutions to help support your business efforts.