i-scrub 30 Best Practices & Troubleshooting Tips
Find out which cleaning practices are best with the i-scrub 30!
3 August, 2023 by
i-scrub 30 Best Practices & Troubleshooting Tips
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7x i-scrub 30 Best Cleaning Practices & Troubleshooting Tips

Anyone who uses the i-scrub 30 orbital machine would know of the fantastic cleaning results it delivers to a variety of applications. Being a compact size, affordable price and heavy scrubbing pressure, hundreds of contract cleaners and businesses have flocked to purchase it.

Like all cleaning solutions, the equipment can only perform as well as it is operated. We have consolidated a few handy tips we have learned over the time of selling the i-scrub so cleaners can truly make the most of their investment. We have also included some troubleshooting tips for common problems.

1. For sealed floors using a harsh brush/pad, make sure water is already applied to the surface

The i-scrub 30 is an aggressive machine, there should always be water applied to sealed floors before it is turned on for scrubbing. This is to avoid increased friction that could damage the topical sealer.

2. Grout cleaning

The i-scrub 30 is considered one of the best machines for tile and grout cleaning, but some ways to get the best results are to:

  • Have a lather of water and cleaning chemical on the floor to ensure softer contact with the surface.

  • Place the scrub deck fully on the face of a tile when you begin operation. The initial force of the i-scrub on a flat tile is better than on grout, as it will more likely dishevel it in those first few seconds. 

  • Manoveur the i-scrub continuously across the floor rather than pausing for long periods of time. 

  • Avoid a mix of both hard bristle brushes and strong acidic cleaners when tile/grout cleaning as this can cause damage.

3. Keep a mop or floor scrubber handy

As great as the i-scrub is, it does not collect water! Having a floor scrubber or a mop to collect the water will prevent slipping hazards and the drying of soapy water on the floor, causing stickiness.

4. Scrub away from the cord (for electric models)

Try to maneuver the i-scrub away from the cord rather than towards it to avoid it becoming wet and sticky by the end. It is also safer by avoiding a tripping hazard. The direction you will maneuver will depend on where the i-scrub has been plugged in from.

5. Always keep an extra battery on charge (for battery models)

To maximise productivity, purchasing a second back-up battery for the i-scrub 30 B will allow more continuous cleaning with less downtime. The i-scrub 30 B comes in two different battery capacities with different runtimes, check with your cleaning equipment provider for details.

6. Let the water and chemical rest on the floor

Just like any floor cleaning process, give the ground a chance to react with the cleaning chemical and water! We recommend at least 10 minutes, however, this does depend on the strength of your cleaning solution, the concentration and the time you have. You will always find the results better if you scrub, let the water rest, then scrub again.

For a quick guide about the 4 factors of cleaning (heat, chemical, time and agitation) watch this clip below:


7. Research the right cleaning solution for your application

Depending on the floor material and impurity you are trying to clean, different cleaning solutions exist with different intensities along the pH scale. 

To maximise your cleaning results, research which cleaner is suitable for the impurity and floor type at hand. If you are in doubt about the intensity of the chemical being used, it is always recommended to start with a more mild version and work your way up.

A general rule of thumb is alkaline cleaners are most effective for acidic dirt/impurities, and acidic cleaners are most effective for alkaline dirt/impurities.

More information can be found in the clip below:


8. Troubleshooting Tip: Water is not being dispensed on the floor

  • Squeeze the priming bolt near the scrub deck to help flow the water through.

  • If there is no sound of the pump when pressing the water dispense button, check the cable at the top of operator handle is plugged in properly (this supplies power to the pump).

i-scrub 30 primer
i-scrub Primer
i-scrub 30 water cablei-scrub 30 water cable

9. Troubleshooting Tip: i-scrub 30 is not turning on (for electric models)

Check the cable is connected securely to the top of the machine (open the flap).

i-scrub 30 cable
i-scrub 30 power cable

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