Hospitality & Food Venues

Cleaning solutions for back-of-house and front-of-house

Maintain a high standard of hygiene, safety and presentation through specialised cleaning equipment, easy for staff!

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Manage all the cleaning requirements of your venue easily.

In hospitality, the cleaning applications vary from busy commercial kitchens to pristine reception foyers, all requiring fast, effective and non-disruptive solutions. There are solutions for every area!

Faster Cleaning

Specialised restaurant cleaning equipment can make daily operations quicker and smoother. 

Easier Cleaning

Reduce the labour intensity of cleaning through equipment designed to be ergonomic & safe. 

Heavy Duty Cleaning

Gain more cleaning power not possible through manual labour to clean high-traffic areas.

Efficient Cleaning

Make smarter use of your labour, time and materials through efficient cleaning systems.

Safer Cleaning

Reduce the labour strain and intensity of conventional cleaning methods.

Smarter Cleaning

Be ahead in your industry with a cleaning fleet taking your operations next level!

Floor Scrubbers

Dining & Kitchen Hard Floors

The best mop upgrade you need! Effectively remove grime, dirt and liquid spills from hard floors in less time! Scrub & dry floors in one pass.

Surface Cleaners

Tables, Chairs & Countertops

Easily disinfect and clean a range of surfaces including tables, chairs, counter tops and handles through a range of hand-held devices.

Vacuum Cleaners

Accommodation Suites

Quickly prepare hotel rooms for the next round of guests with a commercial vacuum. Upright, backpack or robotic vacuum configurations.

Air Purifiers

Foyers & Communal Areas

For public areas with higher risks of respiratory illness exposure, HEPA air purifiers keep areas safe and filtered from airborne contaminants.

Do the math.

Conventional cleaning methods do not give back the way commercial cleaning equipment can. Cleaning equipment is an investment that will return value in many areas of your business including labour, time and material. Determining what is most important in your operations strategy will help select the most appropriate cleaning solution to reach this goal. 

6x Faster 75% Labour Savings 70% Cleaner
Based on the i-mop XL floor scrubber
Safer Cooking & Dining Areas

More easily comply with health & safety policies and HACCP guidelines. Reduce slipping risks and colour-code your tools!

Improved Venue Appeal

Deep cleaning genuinely enhances the look & condition of your venue. Strive for amazing first impressions every time!

Increased Morale & Productivity

Better cleaning improves the attitude of staff. Help them do their jobs well so they have greater satisfaction & performance!

"Clubs require an increased level of cleaning and hygiene and the i-mop has exceeded our expectations. It was easy to teach staff our cleaners how to operate and maintain them, plus they're a lot faster too."

   ~ Mathew Koura, General Manager


Rent cleaning equipment on an occasional or permanent basis for up to 5 years.


Own the equipment asset and take advantage of saving thousands of dollars in the long-term.


Rent the machine for a fixed period and have a portion of the hire funds go towards a purchase.

After Sales Support

Capital Equipment Hire offers tailored Service Plans to ensure maintenance and emergency repairs are completed by our Field Technicians.

Expert Advice

Our responsive Sales, Parts, Hire & Service Teams have years of equipment experience to ensure the right solution is chosen for your floors and budget.

Price Value Guarantee

Our commitment to you is clear. We aim to provide the best value cleaning equipment solutions in AUS to maximise your investment.

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